Book Chapters Contributed

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1.       Nanostructured Ceramic Oxides for Supercapacitor Applications

          Published: February 19, 2014 by CRC Press

          Chapter 3. Supercapacitors: Fundamental Aspects, S Jayalekshmi and Anand Puthirath
          ISBN 9781466576902

2.       The Versatile Roles of Graphene in Organic Photovoltaic Device Technology

          Published: October 22, 2014 by Springer

          Applied Spectroscopy and the Science of Nanomaterials, 
          Jayalekshmi Sankaran, Sreekanth J. Varma
          Progress in Optical Science and Photonics Volume 2, 2015, pp 223-251
          ISBN 978-981-287-242-5

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