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  • The research work on “ Bio-compatible ZnS:Mn nanocrystals conjugated with L-citrulline, as fluorescent probes for DNA visualization and for finger print analysis in forensic studies”, has been filed for patent with the patent application number 4900/CHE/2012.

  1. Dr.S.Jayalekshmi, Professor, Department of Physics, CUSAT, Cochin-682022, Kerala, India
  2. Sajimol Augustine.M, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, St.Teresa’s College, Cochin-682035, Kerala, India
  3. Dr.Sarita G.Bhat, Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, CUSAT, Cochin-682022, Kerala, India
  4. Alphonsa Vijaya Joseph, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, St.Teresa’s College, Cochin-682035, Kerala, India

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